Tools developed as part of our research

Maintained by us or some of our collaborators

Transkingdom network analysis - integrating host-microbiota omics data

EVE - R implementation of the Expression Variance and Evolution (EVE) model (Sandve Lab)

SalMotifDB - Salmonid Motif DataBase

AspWood/NorWood - High-spatial-resolution transcriptomics profiles in Aspen and Norway spruce Wood formation

ComPlEx - Tool for Comparative analysis of Plant co-Expression

Plant  Genome Integrated Explorer - Tools for genomics research, including co-expression network analysis (Street Lab)

Synergy - Tools for exploring the gene regulation in the cyanobacterium Synechocystis

FragHMMent - Residue-residue contact prediction

Rosetta - Rough Set Toolkitt for Analysis of data  (source code)

Public repository for UmeƄ Plant Science Center bioinformatics (Street Lab)

Also read about our RNA-Seq pipeline.